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Name:Nathan Young

Nathan Young ♠ Misfits

AKA: Twat, Pervert, Dickhead, Numerous Other Expletives
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Birthday: 15th March 1989
Heritage: Half Irish, half English
Language: English
Occupation: Part-time criminal, full-time slob
Description: 6'0 of gangly ex-immortal. Possesses the most beautiful 'fro known to his ego man and the ability to piss people off in five seconds flat.

U N L U C K Y  ♠  S E V E N

With an answer for everything, sarcastic wit, and a fondness for pushing things too far your first impression of Nathan could be that he's massively irritating, which is something he seems to revel in. So when Nathan’s lumbered with this bunch of extremities, he’s got so much to play with.

Thing is, Nathan may realise having actual friends when you’re out on your ear is a good thing. Because underneath the cocky quips and sarcasm, Nathan isn’t as unemotionally untouchable as he makes out, which Kelly soon discovers

Despite being caught in the storm with the rest of the gang, and much to his annoyance, Nathan takes a while to discover his power is immortality. After many deaths and misadventures he sells off this power and buys the power of reality warping instead.


Timeline: Post-Vegas Baby!

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